Los Angeles’s Department of City Planning just updated its Commercial Cannabis information page. To find the information:

Go to: http://planning.lacity.org/
Click on “Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance” link under the “What’s New” section along the right side of the webpage
Scroll down to the “Maps” section and the allowable uses are listed (see below)

Once you have clicked on your use, you will be able to choose a map of the various LA Districts depending on the location of the property you are vetting. It takes some getting used to, but something to work with is better than nothing. When people talk about the Cannabis Industry being in a “Grey Area,” they are talking about LA. LA was initially hoping to begin processing applications in October, but that was never realistic.

For local commercial cannabis operations, we are probably looking at an LA start date well into 2018. I spent most of Tuesday down at City Hall at the Planning and Zoning departments and met with the LA City Controller’s Office, and this was confirmed. There will be City Council meeting at: LA City Hall, 200 North Spring Street – John Ferraro Room 340 next Monday, September 25 to discuss the cannabis ordinance and LA city rollout.